Dream Dollars

You can now Pay & Play at Joe's Kwikway Convenience Store & Gas Bar 35 Micmac Road, Eel Ground (506)622-3597 as well as at the Eel Ground Band Hall before 4pm Thursdays.



Play your Toonie number weekly for your chance to win!

All proceeds are for the Eel Ground First Nation Annual Pow-wow.

Don't forget to play your Toonie Thursday's before 4:00pm.


How to get a Dream Dollars Number: *18 years & older to play

1.Go to the Front Receptionist’s Desk at the EGFN Band Administration Building. You can now Pay & Play your number at Joe's Kwikway Convenience Store & Gas Bar, 35 Micmac Road, Eel Ground.

*Dream Dollars Tickets and Box will also be available on Wednesday Night’s during BINGO to register to play and make payments.

2. Fill out a Dream Dollars Card.

3. Put the half with your FULL Name and Initials, address, phone number in the Box.

4. Keep the half with your DREAM DOLLARS NUMBER.


Dream Dollars Modified 50/50 Rules and Regulations:

1.  When Cards are collected from the DREAM DOLLARS box, the information from the card will be added to the registration list.

2.  A ballot with the matching number will be placed in the Drum. This ballot will remain in the Drum indefinitely. The player of the number must cancel their number, in writing, to have it removed from the drum.

3.  The weekly winning number will be drawn from this Drum.

4.  You can join DREAM DOLLARS anytime.

5.  Only play one Toonie per number, per week, at the DREAM DOLLARS box location. You can play more than one number.  For each number played a separate Card will need to be completed

6. Place a Toonie in the box for each number you play.

7. Please write your number on the YELLOW sticker exactly as shown due to numbers that are hard to identify such as: 6 or 9.

8. All Toonies from the DREAM DOLLARS boxes will be collected every Thursday at 4:00pm.

9. A notice will be placed on the box stating that pickup was done and that your Toonie will be in the next week's draw.

10. The winning participant's number and prize amount will be shown on the DREAM DOLLARS BOX.

11. All Toonies collected will be recorded for that weekly draw from that location.

12. The draw will be every Friday at the Eel Ground Band Hall.

13. Winners will be contacted by phone.

14. A picture ID is required to collect your winnings.

15. If your number is drawn and you did not play that week your half of the winning proceeds will be added to the following week's draw. (Roll-over)

16. If you no longer wish to play please contact Vicky Ginnish at 627-4600 and you will be removed from the registration. Once your registration is cancelled in writing, your number will be re-issued to another player.



Dream Dollars Q & A:

Q:   How do I get a Dream Dollars number?
A:   Fill out a Dream Dollars Card at the Receptionist’s Front desk at the EGFN Band Administration Building.

NOW you can also sign up and Pay & Play at Joe's Kwikway Convenience Store & Gas Bar 35 Micmac Road, Eel Ground. (506)622-3597.

Q:   How do I play Dream Dollars?
A:    Take a Yellow DOT off the side of the Box; Write your Number on the Dot. Put the Dot on the Toonie. Drop the Toonie in the Box.

Q:   Can I put the Dream Dollars ticket in my child's name?
A:    No - Lottery License requirement is for all Players to be 18 years or older.

Q:   When is the Draw?
A:   The Draw is on Friday Morning at 11:00am. Play by 4:00pm on Thursday.

Q:   Is the Draw done from the Toonies?
A:   No. The Draw is from the Numbers.

Q:   How long is my Number in the Draw?
A:   Until you cancel the number.

Q:   What is “roll-over”?
A:   If a player did not play their Toonie and their number is drawn, that prize rolls over to the next draw. That’s why it’s called a modified 50/50.

Q:   Can I play more than one number?
A:   Yes. Fill in another Dream Dollar Card to get another number.
      *Remember…a number needs to played every week to win.

Q:   How can I pay in advance so I won’t forget to play?
A:   In person at the receptionist’s desk. Place a yellow sticker on the (cash) advance payment with your Dream Dollar Number marked clearly on it. Place it in the box and it will be recorded for the number of weeks the number has been paid for in advance. ($2.00 per week)

**Dream Dollars Tickets and Box will also be available on Wednesday Night’s during BINGO to register to play and make payments.


NB Lottery License: 026071