Dream Dollars Draw for Friday, November 17th, 2017

NOVEMBER 17th, 2017- Ticket #0077 was NOT "Paid & Played" the amount to be won was $439.00. It's a ROLLOVER!! 

Thanks for supporting our annual Powwow! 

Next Deadline to "Pay & Play" is Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 before 4:00pm!

Reminder: Dream Dollars can be paid at the Eel Ground Band Hall during business hours, 

at Joe's Kwikway Convenience Store & Gas Bar, 35 Micmac Road, Eel Ground, 

or at and Cody's Smoke Signals and Cigar Shop, 6 Micmac Road, Eel Ground.

Thanks again & Good Luck!!

Don’t forget to pay by Thursday at 4pm. Please Note: We are changing draw dates starting Dec 7, 2017. Our draw will be on Thursday mornings and the deadline will be Wednesday's at 4 pm.