Business Development Request: Re: Medical CBC Cannabis Office

MEMO: To Members of the Eel Ground First Nation

RE: Business Development Request

Dear Members,

We are writing to advise that Council received a request from a member to construct a Medical CBD Cannabis office in the community.  This would not be for recreational sales, which are presently full managed by  the Government of New Brunswick and available locally as of October 12, 2018.

The proposed facility would provide medical Cannabis as prescribed by a physician as part of individual case management plan, if required, as a Harm reduction option and alternative Anxiety medication and potentially to opiate Methadone.

The facility would potentially also provide potential opportunities for employment for members and would generate HST Revenue for the benefit of Community programs.

The project would fill a medicinal need that Cannabis NB cannot guarantee at this time.  Presently Veterans affairs assists eligible veterans with access to the treatment of PTSD, anxiety, per case plans. The project would also offer occupations and manage therapy, Mental health counselling, Natural healing options and products.

Council is seeking community input from our members because we are aware that Cannabis is used medically or recreationally, is not supported by all members.

We are working to organize an information session with our Community Health Center and would like to hear from the community. 

Please take the time to look at the attached questionnaire and return to us, anonymously if you prefer.



Chief and Council

Eel Ground First Nation


You can click the link below for a printable copy of the questionnaire which asks the following:

Questions are:

1. Would you support the concept of having a Medical Facility in Eel Ground that could prescribe Medicinal Cannabis?

2.Would you use further information from a medical physician in regards to treatments available? ____Yes     ____No

3.Any other comments that you would like to share:


Thank you.