Deadline to Register for the Federal Indian Day Schools Settlement is MAY 3rd, 2019

Registration Deadline is approaching: May 3rd, 2019.

Five Facts about the Federal Indian Day Schools Settlement

The Federal Indian Day Schools Settlement was designed to:

1.  Meet the needs of an aging population: We lose as many as 2,000 survivors each year. The IDS process is specifically designed to provide payment as quickly as possible to those who are eligible.

2. Be inclusive and accessible: The settlement includes ALL individuals who attended a Federal Indian Day Schools, including First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. The baseline harm for claims is such that nearly everyone who is eligible for the settlement will be eligible for at least “level 1” compensation ($10,000).

3. Treat Class Members with dignity and respect: The IDS claims process is designed to be simple, culturally sensitive, non-adversarial, and user-friendly. There are minimal verification requirements.


“It’s important for me that the claims process is being designed to

be simple and respectful – no one is going to be cross-examined.

This is what it means to treat survivors with dignity and respect.”

– Roger Augustine

4. Respond to new information: The list of federally-run Indian Day Schools is an evolving list. There is a built-in process to update it as needed. Anyone who believes there should be a school added to the list can contact Class Counsel.

5. Provide direct support to Class Members and keep them informed: Class Counsel is committed to providing as much support to Class Members as they need throughout this process. We will remain accessible and available to Class Members, to help in any way they, no matter where they live. Our support is free.


“Having direct support throughout the settlement process is vital

for survivors. Class Counsel have visited many of our communities

and have listened to our stories. I know they will continue to

listen, keep us informed and provide the support we need.”

– Mariette Buckshot

Deadline to Register is May,3rd, 2019.

Please see pdf Poster link below for printable copy of this information.