Memo For April 23rd, 2020 RE: Band CURFEW BY-LAW

Memo to: Directors, Staff, Members and Residents        April 23rd, 2020

From Chief and Council Eel Ground First Nation

Re: Band Curfew Bylaw

The Band By-law and Resolution of Chief and Council re: Curfew for COVID-19 has been fully in effect for this week, in addition to the Resolution and Memo circulated on April 4, 2020. While many are respecting and aware of the need for these measures our security team is advising that there are non-members travelling about the community late at night, speeding around, and ignoring the checkpoints with impunity. This is not safe for our staff and it is in violation of the NB Emergency Measures Directives and our By-law. The Emergency Measure Directives and By-Law have provisions for fines for those willfully breaking these pandemic regulations. For the Health and Safety of the Community we will be increasing Night Security and instituting a Checkpoint on Church Road by the Food Centre. Traffic will be rerouted to Church Road from all other roads that enter the Main Community. Highway 425 is the responsibility of the RCMP. We ask that all respect the checkpoint and act in a safe manner. Non-residents will need approval under exceptional circumstances or be providing approved essentials to be allowed in during Curfew hours. We remind all that the Pandemic Emergency Measures continue to be in effect so please shelter at home and physically distance while out for essential business. We encourage all to get out and exercise with those you reside with during non-curfew hours. Council has had to close the school, Headstart and the After School Playground until further notice per Emergency Measures. New Brunswick is showing no new cases of COVID-19 but we will need to remain vigilant as new cases can multiply rapidly, take care and stay well!     

Wela’lin,     Chief  G. Ginnish for Chief and Council