The Water reservoir is low today due to a water line break. The break has been located and preparation for repair is started. A section of the system will be closed until the repair is complete and there will be discolouration of the water for a bit afterwards. Please reduce your consumption until resolved, no clothes washing, rink watering etc. We appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you.


Tuesday, December 15th, 2015.

Please be advised that due to the weather the offices of Eel Ground First Nation will ALL be closed today. 

There will be a Turkey Dinner Fundraiser on Thursday, December 10th, 2015 from 3pm until 6pm at the Eel Ground Band Hall. Plates are $10.50 each. All proceeds are for the 2016 Indian Summer Games being held in Eel Ground First Nation. Donations will also be accepted. The Eel Ground Summer Games Committee and of course all the Youth participating "Thank You!" for your support!


From December 7th to 10th, In cooperation with the Eel Ground Chief and Council, EG Health and Wellness Centre, EG Rising Sun Treatment Centre and the EG Social Services, we will be celebrating “Natoaganeg Addictions Awareness Week”


We would like to begin the first evening of December 7th with a poster contest promoting addictions awareness. There will be 2 prizes drawn for $50.00 to anyone who wishes to enter a poster in the contest. There will be 2 categories. One prize of $50.00 for the EG School students and one prize of $50.00 for EG students in the High School grades from NSER and MVHS. Thank you for your participation.

J Kenneth Larry (NNADAP rep)

The schedule for the week is as follows:

Monday: December 7

9:15am Opening Ceremony with smudge (Kenny Larry ) drumming (Emerson Francis) and greeting (Chief Ginnish).  Band Hall.  Sponsored by Eel Ground First Nation Chief and Council.

9:45am  Community Walk Meet at band hall for a  Tea, Coffee, and Cake in the Senior’s lounge in the band hall immediately after the walk.  Show support for our community!!!

4:30pm   Walgwan Youth Treatment Center:  Community Room in Band Hall.  Information session on the rehabilitation center offering services to First Nations youth ages 12-17.   This session is geared towards parents, elders, leaders, community members and youth.   Video Presentation by Natalie Clark.   Chili to be served.

Winners of the Poster Contest to be announced after the presentation.   Two winners will receive $50.

Sponsored by Eel Ground Health and Wellness Center. 

Tuesday:  December 8

10am-12: Families Care group for adults who are dealing with a family members’ substance abuse.  This group provides an opportunity to solve problems, building communication skills, and setting limits.   Conference room at Child and Family Services.  Joey Godin: Addiction and Mental Health.

4:00-6:00pm  Youth in Grade 9-12.   Operation Healthy Teens.   Join fellow youth as ambassadors for a healthy, safe Eel Ground community.  Start the session off with healthy snacks and wrap up with pizza.   Seniors Lounge.  Sponsored by Eel Ground Child and Family Services

Wednesday:  December 9

10am-12:  Sessions at Rising Sun.  Acupuncture ( Kari Patles ),  Mindfulness ( Robert Doucet ), and Emotional Tapping ( Yvonne Meunier ).   Sandwiches, tea and coffee served.

Sponsored by Rising Sun Treatment Center.

1-3pm:   Acupuncture at Health Center ( Janice Innes ).

7-9pm:   AA Group at Development Center ( Downstairs )

Thursday:  December 10

10:30am  Natoaganeg School   Grade 3-4-5 . Drug Awareness presentation with Shelly Donahue ( RCMP Community Officer )

Throughout the day, MVHS Addiction Awareness Booth , Smudging Presentation with Kenny Larry. 

6-8pm: Grade 6-7-8 Movie Night. Band Hall.   Join us for a fun filled night with healthy snacks and big screen movie.   Sponsored by Youth Champions program.

Eel Ground First Nation will be holding Remembrance Day Services at St. Joachim’s Church beginning at 11:00am on November 11th, 2015. There will be gathering and a light meal being served at the Band Administration Building in the main hall following the services.

Below is a memo with further information regarding the recycling program and a quick reference guide. Click the Document links for clearer pdf files.

Please Note: It is important to ensure your bin is fully closed to avoid rain or snow from entering the bin and contaminating the recyclables. Fold and compact cardboard boxes to keep them from allowing the cover to close completely. DO NOT use the blue bin for garbage as it is intended to be used for RECYCLING ONLY. Thank you  for your co-operation in this matter. We hope to have all the bins in place very soon and have the program running smoothly. There is a collection Calendar attached as pdf for easy reference in a link below. The events calendar on our EGFN Website will also have the Blue Bin Recycling Days indicated. They will be every second THURSDAY our usual garbage collection day. Please ensure you have your bin out early enough for collection.