TO: Community Members

FROM: Chief and Council, Eel Ground First Nation

RE: Lobster Food Request to DFO

Dear Members:

Further to our previous memo, Council is providing this interim update in regards to our request for lobster food for our membership.

It has been confirmed, in our AFS Agreement, that our Community will have access to 12000 lbs of lobster for food from the spring fishery. Our commercial fishers have provided some fresh lobster, over this week, on a first come first serve basis. We also have some bottled lobster that will be distrubuted to our registered elder members 65 years and older, by our fishery guardians, prior to Thanksgiving weekend.

We will provide more details on the process for the spring food fishery once the details have beeen worked out. We continue to press DFO for additional food and commercial access for our community. A full-time consultant position will be posted in the coming weeks, for the Mi'kmaq communities, to assist and work with our communities moving forward. It will be posted on our website and the NSMDC website in the coming weeks.


Chief George H. Ginnish

Band Administrator

Eel Ground First Nation


To: Eel Ground Residents

Re: Fall Garbage Collection & Blue Recycle Bins

Dear members,

Please note, that the fall “Big Garbage” collection for this year is scheduled for Thursday, October 22nd, 2015. All household items such as appliances and furniture will be accepted.

Items that will NOT be picked up are as follows; paint cans, car parts, tires, computers or any other toxic waste.

We also have a cell phone and battery recycling box here at the band hall. Please feel free to drop off old cell phones and batteries. Northumberland Solid Waste will properly discard of these items at no charge to us.

*If you would like to learn more about:  Recycling, Composting, Household Hazardous Waste etc. check out the "Greater Miramichi Solid Waste Services" Website at:

ALSO, Please be advised: The Blue Recycle Bins that were being delivered to everyone's home is "NOT" a Garbage Bin. It is for Recycling only. If garbage is found in this bin it will NOT be picked up. There was an information package in each bin upon delivery for your details about the use of the bins. The bins have not all been delivered but will be completed soon. There will be a Public Information Session October 29/15 at the Eel Ground Band Hall at 6:30pm, in regards to the new curbside Recycling Program. The session will further outline the changes with garbage pick-up that will occur in the next few weeks. Further information will be posted once details are available.

Federal Election Day is on MONDAY, October 19th, 2015.

The Eel Ground Band Administration Hall will be Polling Station #072 Miramichi--Grand Lake.

The hours to vote will be from 8:30am until 8:30pm at 47 Church Road, Eel Ground First Nation.

You will need a picture ID and proof of address. Please see the link below for further information or call the TOLL FREE number below to speak to someone about what you will need inorder to VOTE on Election Day.

Call toll free: 1-866-207-0282 for further information.