Chief's Message

Dear Members,

I am pleased to be able to take this opportunity to welcome you all to our new Community website.

The site will provide information and links to Agencies, Programs and Services within and outside of the Community that is current and useful.

There are many issues and challenges that we face as a First Nation that impact our lives positively and negatively.

We will endeavor to share issues of concern and public interest from a Council and Community perspective on a regular basis. This can be ordinary day to day business and issues which may impact quality of life locally, regionally or nationally.

We will also share images from our many community events be they Cultural, Educational, Health, Academic Achievement, Remembrance Day, Family week etc.

This will also provide an opportunity for programs to share contact information and what they have going on.

You will see that infrastructure now has begun on our new school project and we will post progress reports and photos as work proceeds.

We hope you will find value in the site and will enjoy and share with your members and friends.


Chief George Ginnish,

Eel Ground First Nation